About Vy

Hi! My name is Vy, and I love to eat.

Le Salon Nouveau Club 33 Disneyland
Inside Club 33’s Le Salon Nouveau

As a Southern California native, I am lucky enough to stay close to my Vietnamese heritage (Little Saigon) and also be near the culinary powerhouse that is Los Angeles (and Orange County).  I love coffee, craft beers, and the experience that goes with trying new foods and attempting to recreate a recipe I discover in a cookbook or online in my own home.  Majority of my food outings involve my husband DS and we’re always looking for dog-friendly places to bring our four-legged fur baby Turk with us.

I don’t like to call myself a “foodie” as I feel it is rather limiting – rather, I’m enthusiastic about food.  I became obsessed with the enjoyment of food around high school, when I found myself spending most of my lunch money on Taco Bell soft tacos and chocolate donut bars and cans of Pepsi – cheap junk food. I knew that there had to be so much better out there – why wasn’t I seeking it out?  Couple that thought process with watching endless hours of The Food Network and slowly discovering local restaurants in Orange County, and my enthusiasm for food – making it, eating it, experiencing it with others – grew exponentially.

This blog is an opportunity for me to share everything I love about food – recipes, restaurants, rants, but not reviews – that’s what my Yelp account is for.  Leave a note and I look forward to hearing from you!

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