Restarting the Journey

Restarting the Journey

Today is National “Eat What You Want” Day – one of those funny days of the month that garner hashtags of #treatyoself and excuses to behave badly when making your food choices for the day.  For me, it got me thinking about the journey I’ve been on when it comes to enjoying food and sharing the journey with others.

This post might not be as lighthearted and whimsical as most of my posts normally are, and that’s mainly because of my struggles as I get older to reconcile wanting to maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle and my overall obsession with food.

People throw the word “moderation” and “balance” around all the time. I will always have a love of food but I feel like things have gotten so out of control in the food world now, especially in my local community.  Every day, I scroll through Instagram and I see amazing food pics and ridiculous food concoctions and I’m stunned that people have the time to dine out constantly. Yet part of me also doesn’t think I could stomach it all.  I’m getting older and my metabolism isn’t quite as sharp as it used to be.  In recent years, I found myself somewhat trying to justify my food choices based on whether or not I worked out that day, or if I had a salad for lunch, so therefore I could make up the calories elsewhere.

There once was a time where I did do everything in moderation and benefited greatly – I was mindful of my workouts, my meals, my intention for the food that I chose to put in my system, but I allowed myself to indulge and never felt guilty for my food choices – I DID have my cake and eat it too.  Where did I get lost?

So now I’m headed back on the journey that I started when I first thought about writing a food blog.

In the coming weeks, I’m going to focus on news announcements, food happenings in Orange County that I would attend and that I’m excited about, and continue bombarding you with food pics from the Happiest Place on Earth, in OC, and around the world.  The site is going to always be a work in progress for me (as this is my side gig) but I know that you will go with the ebb and flow.  You’ll see me attend a few media events, but I am also hoping to write more about the ways that I have been enjoying food that hasn’t required me to set foot in a restaurant – I’m excited about that and what the rest of the year will bring.  I hope you’ll join me for the ride.

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